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Press Your Luck is a popular TV show that has become more loved by the people through its playable counterpart. Through the game, more people are able to experience this fun show. Because of this, the popularity of the classic TV show remains up to this day. This can be proven by the number of games done about this TV show. Here, we will introduce you to the great game version of the popular TV series by BIGTEXAPPS. Have a super fun time and play Press Your Luck online game!




The TV show where this game was based on premiered on CBS and ran during the 80s. It featured contestants competing for spins, which they collected while answering trivia questions. Later on, they used the spins on an 18-space game board. Here, there were cash and prizes that they could win. However, they must avoid the “Whammy” – a whimsical cartoon character which became the show’s default mascot.

Today, it is known by the same name on ABC. It is also downloadable through most gaming platforms like PC for free. The show features the same premise as its previous incarnation. It uses the same game board and mechanics. Contestants will collect “spins” for a chance at any of the prizes on the gameboard. Land on the Whammy, and you can kiss your winnings good-bye in the Press Your Luck PC game.

Get to Know the Whammy

The Whammy may remind you of a mischievous leprechaun or a bad elf, but it doesn’t look anything like those. It’s a red and furry cartoon creature with a lot of attitude and it’s out to spoil your fun. Think of it as the wrench to your otherwise great wheel of fortune run in the Press Your Luck game. If you don’t land on the Whammy, you might get success you haven’t even begun to imagine. If you land on it one time, it’s still good. However, if you land on it a number of times and you might as well just throw in the towel.

More of the Familiar Things in Press Your Luck

Developer BIGTEXAPPS focuses on things that are familiar when making the Press Your Luck game. A lot of the other games out there would feature different elements. However, none of them were of the original gameplay. Most of them are just fillers designed to keep people playing the game. On the other hand, this game remained original with its mechanics. Having this keeps the players on loving the game because of its familiar elements.

If you’ve missed Press Your Luck, now is your time to get reacquainted. Relive the time of your youth, or learn something new about this game. Spin the wheel of fortune and avoid the whammy to win great prizes. Also, test your relationship with Lady Luck by downloading and playing the game now!

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