About Press Your Luck: The Classic Fun Game

Did you miss the Whammy in Press Your Luck? Well, make sure you’ve got room for all the Whammys you can handle here!From BIGTEXAPP, the 80s game show is finally here on your PCs. Press your Luck has been made dozens of times and is currently resurrected as a game show. Once again, with the lovely Elizabeth Banks as current host. Now, it is made into an app, downloaded for free on any device, most particularly PC.




The game show is presented accurately through the app. In it, you get the chance to play for jackpots and accumulate money. This can be done through spins and answering trivia to fuel those spins. In addition, stopping in spaces called a Whammy can affect your game. They are the de facto mascots for the show. You run into one and you can still technically play in the game. However, if you run into two or more – you are effectively out of money and out of the game itself!

Try out the app from BIGTEXAPP. It’s got a little bit of everything. Each contestant you make is a small reflection of yourself. Then, battle it out with other AI contestants vying for a chance to win big and lose small. Remember, try to outsmart the Whammy by not spinning into him, and win the jackpot by spinning the right way. Make or break by trying to Press your Luck!